18 Feb

fun, storytelling

The purpose of the exercise is to tell a story together. Everybody begins in a tight group in the middle of the room. The facilitator then starts the exercise by setting a scene (ie. “we are in a forest”), and everybody throws their hands in the air and shouts yay!

The another participant takes over and tells the next part of the story (ie. “we are lost”). Everybody who agrees with this twist in the story throws their hands in the air and shouts yay! The ones who disagree leaves the group.

The exercise continues with new participants each telling a part of the story that the group can either agree with (and stay) or disagree with (and leave).


The exercise ends when there is only one (or a few) participants left.

The yay! exercise can be used to create common memories in the ingame player groups. In this case tell the players to define some central background stories for their group by using the yay! game – this way the background story will be defined as something everybody agrees upon and/or it will be a great tool for understanding where there is disagreement in the group.

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