Image theatre

23 Mar

physical understanding, spatial understanding, common understanding of the group

Image theatre is all about creating physical situation as they would look during the larp. How would the group look if threatened? if they were fighting among themselves? Or in an everyday situation, like around the dinner table or while washing clothes?

You can experiment with intesifying the images, based on the story of your larp, or ask the players to improve images to create more powerfull images. The images can be thought of visual extremes or as realistic imagery of how the game will look depending on your instruction. The exercise can be done with a few players, while the rest are watching and/or commenting og with all players depending on the situation.

This exercise is very simple, but also a great way to give the players a common understanding of how they can expect play situations in the larp to look and feel. Image theatre is best applied after the players have created characters, have learned the meta tools and have some group relationships as all these tools can be applied within the images.

It is a good idea to have a bunch if situations, that would be important for the game planned and allow the players to make their own images afterwards.

Ask the players to act out the situation they have created in a still image. Let them act for ½-1 minute to give them a feeling of how the situation could work. Play the part of the instructor and cut the scenes and ask the players to redo them if they are not intense enough or if it seems like it could be improved. Include players in the evaluation of scenes and allow them to give suggestions as to how it could be better.


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