10 Apr

Introduction of players, creating ingame relations, common understanding of the group

Create a line of players where the one ends represent the character with “the most” of something and the other end the character with “the least” of something, without talking. Examples of lines can be “the meanest”, “the richest” or “the most understanding” character, but anything can be brought into play.

It is often a good idea to allow the players to suggest some lines of their own and end the exercise after they are done.

Use the exercise as a fun introduction of players to each other, asking them to make lines based on height, age, years of larping, sense of humor and so on.


One Response to “Lines”

  1. Eleanor Saitta April 25, 2013 at 7:29 am #

    We do a related one to this sometimes, at workshops, where someone asks the group a question, generally one that’s intentionally provocative for the group, and then people arrange themselves on agree/disagree. In group discussions, a facilitator will generally then ask a few people on the extremes and a few in the middle why they are where they are, and also ask folks who end up moving around the spectrogram while people are talking. This version might be useful for helping folks think through their character’s political opinions, say, in a game where that’s relevant, and also for them to understand where those fall within the group.

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