14 Apr

Creating character depth

It is a very good idea to prepare a short questionnaire for the exercise, which the players can follow or draw inspiration from. It can be hard to start from nothing and a questionnaire sheet can provide a good alibi.

Tell the players to interview each other in small groups (groups of 5 or 6 is typically good). The player who is to be interviewed should sit with her front towards the others and they can then ask questions to the character of that player. “how is your relationship with your mother”, or “do you feel included in our social group” is some examples of questions. The point is that the player gets a better understanding of her character, more that that the interviewers gain knowledge about the background of the character. Of this reason it is also typically more interesting to work with the feelings of the character that concrete information about where she lives, what she prefers to eat and so on.

The exercise ends when everyone has been interviewed.

It is important to instruct the players that they only have 5 minutes pr. Person and to keep time for them and tell them when to change.


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