Open Your Eyes

25 Apr

Establish groups within an larger group. Create (secret) relationships between players. Cooling down moment. In-game ritual.

Instruct the player to stand or sit in a circle. Everyone should be able to see everyones eyes. Now everyone closes their eyes. You ask them questions that they should answer by opening their eyes – if the question is applicable to them. For example: Please open your eyes if you want to be the leader of the group. Or: All who want to have a love affair, open your eyes. People opening their eyes will know who their likeminded are. Let them take a good look around. The people who do not open their eyes of course are unaware who opened their eyes. Then everyone closes their eyes again and you ask the next question. Ten questions is doable, sometimes players want more.

After the last question is asked, everyone can open their eyes. Either: Let them have a break afterwards, so they can talk about who opened their eyes and when. Or: Use the input for a follow up in the workshop. For example: All who want to be leaders go into that corner and do a follow-up exercise.

1. Let players give input for the questions you are going to ask. What do they want to know or what groups do they want to create? Let them write this down on a paper (preferably in one word) and use these questions.
2. Use a ‘Jokercard’ for ‘cheating’. Give everyone a piece of paper. If the question asked is not applicable to them, but they really want to open their eyes, they can use this paper. Let them rip it two halves (so you can hear a Joker is played) and they can open their eyes. They can only use the Joker once.

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