Decision making

4 Dec

Fun, working with status.

As a group choose four roles, which give clear association of some kind of social status in relation to each other. Choose the roles from some easy environment. For example from school world: headmaster, history teacher, young trainee, janitor. Write the roles on piece of paper and put them in a box. Then choose in your mind a number for yourself from 1-4 (your own status number). 1 = highest, 4 = lowest. If you choose number 2 or 3, decide who of the others have higher status than you and who has lower without telling them. Don’t tell others your number. This is your status play position in the hierarchy. Then decide a situation in which the characters must make a decision together. For example dealing with the tasks of preparing for the school’s annual party. Now you all pick a role for yourself from the box. These roles are your social status, not your played status. Play the scene remembering to express your character and hold on to your status at the same time.

In this exercise it is good if part of group can be an audience and try to find out what number each person has chosen; what is the status hierarchy from each persons point of view. Notice, that the persons may have chosen the same numbers and/or there is a conflict between their role and the status position chosen. For example, what kind of a headmaster has status number 3? Or a janitor with number 1? What happens if everyone has chosen number 1 or number 4?

You can end the exercise in many ways. When there is a visible status conflict or whenever you want can use what is happening in the scene to visualize something that would be useful in the larp.

Once you have all played this game a few times each and you are getting good at it, you can mix it up by trying to play your status as close to your partners as possible. In the right position but just below or above your partners. Try to make it more sublime and less overt. Try being as close as possible without loosing the differentiation. Or why not play with a turning point where there is a reason for the statuses to shift (someone looses face, everyone realize someone is cooler then they thought etc). Hopefully you have had at leased some scenes where people try to lower and heighten each other or them self by now. If not, choose together to play the same status to practice this.


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