Master and slave

4 Dec

Fun, working with status.

One person in the group will play the master and the others slaves, each one in turn. the slave tries to please his master and to fill all his master’s demands. If the master gets irritated – even a little – by his slave’s behavior, he snaps his fingers and the slave ‘dies’. When the exercise is finished, the master should tell the reasons that made him snap his fingers. You can also try this exercise with the option of the slave having three lives (and thus a possibility to change his behavior). When you are the master, have courage to use your power.

The point of the exercise is to play with status and it should end when the players have gotten an impression of extreme power relationships.

The exercise could be used after creating characters and relationships in the player group to work with which things will trigger a reaction from the high status characters.


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    […] Master and slave, Decision making and status chairs are some of the status exercises already on the handbook. More information and games on status can be found in Keith Johnstone’s books Impro and Impro for storytellers. […]

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