Status Chairs

4 Dec

Fun, working with status, working with bodylanguage.

A person with low status usually tries to use as little space as possible. Sit on a chair using as little space on the chair as possible and make the impression of a very small person: crouch, keep your toes turned inward and your face down, avoid eye-contact, keep your hands close to your body. Try this exercise in a group: try to be smaller and less noticeable than the person next to you.

Those who have high status know how to use their space. They are certain and have large gestures. Sit on the chair using all the space you can: sit upright, keep your head up, make eye-contact with the others (remember that they have lower status than you!), if the person next to you comes into your space, “push” him away socially (give a judging  look, drop a snide comment etc) or physically.

Try this exercise while presenting yourself to the others sitting down. Think about how your status affects your way of speaking.

End the exercise when the players have gotten an impression of how status and body language are interconnected.



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