Culture calibration in pre-larp workshops

8 Apr

Martin Nielsen wrote a great article on culture calibration on his blog. Check it out:

With a few exceptions, all larps take place in a set culture. This can be either a fictional culture or a culture based on the real world. For the previous larps where I have been part of the organizer team, we have made an effort to define the culture together with the players through a pre-larp workshop. This includes facilitating that the players calibrate their understanding of the culture. Earlier this month, I facilitated a workshop on this subject based on the larps Tinget (2011), Till Death Do Us Part (2012) and Huntsville (2013) at the Swedish larp conference Prolog. This blogpost is based on that workshop.

I will go through different strategies for communicating cultural understanding and present some suggestions on how to use a workshop to calibrate cultural understanding. I will also present some arguments for why I believe traditional means of communication has a lower potential than a workshop in order to calibrate cultural understanding.

Read the rest of the article here


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