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Slow-mo fight sequence

9 Apr

Creating group background, collective memories. Fun.

Divide players in groups of 5-10 with a GM for each group. Briefly, sort out character relations. Instruct the players to agree on a point in their group background where fighting was about to occur.

The scene is played in ultra rapid slow motion. The GM plays all antagonistic forces. The GM helps to stimulate the narrative, but whenever the players take control the GM can let go of telling the story.

Like tabletop roleplaying, everyone tells their next move out aloud.

Have a larger group assist one player in a matrix “bullet-time” style fight. The assistant players are allowed to mould the “hero-player” s body against other groups. This way of doing it might change the purpose of the game into something more silly, in a good way.


8 Apr

Establishing physical connection between players. Illustrating personal boundaries.

Tell the players that they are going to hug. Help them pair up in an inclusive fashion.

Have them to stand facing each other at arms length. Tell them to look each other in the eyes. Tell them to wrap their arms around each other and hug.

Whenever they feel uncomfortable, its ok to say ”cut”, ”break” or whatever safe words you might have. When a couple has used the safe work, have them step aside.

When every last player has called the safe word. Or, something like 10 minutes of hugging (if they keep hugging).

Instead of hugging, have player #1 bend player #2´s finger until it starts to hurt. Use safety word. Switch and repeat.

Move that body

8 Apr

Helping players become less self-conscious. Spatial understanding.

You can play this with non-rhythmic music or in silence.

Have the players walk around randomly in the room. Tell them to stop, stand up straight with their arms along their sides. Guide them through their body, making them aware of every part. Have them focus on the blood stream and the pulse. Tell them that their pulse is a natural rhythm that occurs in their body every living moment – that their body is always moving, always dancing to the rhythm of the heart.

Instruct the players to move to the music in any way they like. Tell them that they dont have to worry about doing smart moves or looking cool.

Elaborate by having the players interact with each other.

This exercise can last for around 15-30 minutes. It usually benefits from a slow pace.