This blog is a tool for larp organizers and others interested in methods for character development and group building and has been created to gather knowledge and particularly methods for doing different kinds of larp workshops.

The site was inspired by the work done on the written workshop handbook (in danish) created by the organizers of Totem after the larp was finished in 2007. However it seemed silly to do the communication in danish if we wanted to build a community around the workshop approach to larp, and thus this site came to be.

The site has become a community based project where people can contribute with the thoughts and exercises that they find useful. So if you feel like you want to contribute, please contact us and you will get a profile on the page. Also feel free to comment or discuss any exercise mentioned on the page.

The page is constantly (if slowly) evolving as more exercises are added and the idea of doing workshops are spreading to new countries or genres of larp and we sincerely hope that this page can become an even more usable resource for future larp organizers who wants to work with co-designing larps.

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