Peter Munthe-Kaas (homepage)
Peter Munthe-Kaas is a danish larp designer and has contributed to the making of the larps system danmarc (2005), totem (2007), delirium (2010) and kapo (2011).

Peter is particularly engaged in the Danish style of pre-larp workshopping and has done several presentations (so-called workshop-workshops) in the European larp community. When not larping Peter is doing research on public sector innovation in the municipality of Copenhagen.

If you have questions or want to contribute to the workshop handbook, please write an email to

Morgan Jarl (homepage)
Morgan Jarl is an Educational Larp organizer, theatre teacher and game designer. He has organized larps since 1995 and is an avid role-player. Today his main focus is on Edularp and physical characterization, and he holds an MFA in Ensemble-based Physical Theatre from the USA, and is currently working on a second Masters thesis on educational larps.

He loves larps of every kind – spanning children’s boffer larps, high drama political larps, to intense emotional kitchen sink realism.

Frida Karlsson Lindgren
Frida Karlsson Lindgren is a swedish larper, dancer and a frequent freeform GM who’s studying to be a psychologist. She loves to explore collaborative methods of character design, and the use of dance as a tool for communication.

Susanne Vejdemo
Susanne is a swedish larper and larp producer, and teaches linguistics at CUNY university in New York.

Other Contributors
– Kristoffer Thurøe
– Rasmus Høgdall
– Anna-Karin Linder
– Hanne Marckmann
– Jonathan Gedda

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