10 Apr

Fun, acting out

tell all the player to lie down on the floor and close their eyes. Lead them through a story about lying on a grassy field, feeling the weight of their bodies against the ground and experiencing the sun and breeze. Allow them to relax for a moment.

Then tell them how their bodies feel as they wake up and start to move around, feeling their arms, legs and tail! Keep the storytelling going so you are controlling the development of the story. For each new part of the story you should escalate the turn of events.

Tell them that they are monkeys and they are waking up in their flock. Allow them to meet the other monkeys and to start short monkey conversations.

Divide the group into to flocks of monkeys meeting and battling eachother. Showing off and shouting at the potential danger. You can give them something to fight about by throwing a peace of fruit into the crowd.

End the story by telling them about the tiger arriving, playing out the tiger yourself and see all your monkeys scared of into a corner, cowering from the danger.


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    […] partly in our roles, had some more time to talk and did a single energizer (a version of monkeys), and rehearsed how to behave when the fighters were leaving for their fights before we had 20 […]

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